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Roxborough Green Members

Roxborough Green

A Homegrown Volunteer Group

Last fall a group of neighborhood gardeners—lifelong enthusiasts, professional landscape designers, and even some newbies—came together with one simple goal: to make Roxborough greener, cleaner, and more inviting. And with that Roxborough Green was born.

How Roxborough Green Can Help

• “Guerrilla” Plantings: Need help with your patchy lawn? In just a few hours, Roxborough Green will help you transform it into a beautiful garden. We’ll even help you buy native plants at wholesale prices.

• Garden Tips: Don’t know where to start? Get design plans and pointers on how to keep your garden looking its best throughout the year.

• Plant Swaps: Not sure why your plants aren’t thriving? We’ll share plants from our own gardens and offer suggestions on where and how to plant them.

More than Just Landscaping

Join Roxborough Green and:

• Get to know your neighbors

• Help beautify our community

• Share garden resources and tips

• Improve the environment and prevent stormwater runoff


Benefits of Greening

Recent studies have shown that greener communities have higher property values. A neighborhood block or community that is green increases the value of the whole community by about 22%.

Check back regularly for garden tips and design plans as well as information on community events, including “garden of the month” celebrations and demos.


Contact us

If you would like to join our group or request a guerrilla planting, e-mail us at or come on out to one of our upcoming events. Our volunteers would love to help you improve your green space.


Garden Reminders



Time to remove old leaves and mulch from garden beds.

Think of this task as digging for buried treasure. Some years you can do this in mid-March but this year winter still had hold of us in March.     

Be gentle. Be surprised. You may find lots of tender, yellow shoots under cover. Use a small fan rake or get on your hands and knees and remove them by hand. (Pads for your knees can be very helpful.) Keep a trashcan lid upside down beside you to receive the debris. Trash or dump it in your compost heap.

Be sure to check your bed after a few days. Your shoots should now be green and taking more form. Can you identify them? If so, imagine the lovely blossoms to come. If not, be patient. Sometimes squirrels plant something to surprise you.


Deadhead (cut or snap off) faded April blossoms. Take care to remove only blossom heads. Leaves should be nice and green. Do not cut them off or gather them with rubber bands. They will continue to make food for bulbs and roots until they turn brown. You can also start planting colorful annual seedlings between those clumps of green. They will then be ready to bloom when the green fades away.


Community Resources

Free Street Trees through TreePhilly

Property owners can request free street trees from TreePhilly, a program of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. Learn more >>

Free Trees through Tree Tenders

Another way to get trees for your block is through Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Tree Tenders Program. Roxborough is managed by the Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon Tree Tenders. Contact Maggie Effinger at 215-487-0149 or to learn more.

Free Compost at the Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center

Philadelphia residents may obtain compost, mulch, wood chips, and herbivore manure. There is no charge for small amounts (up to a 30-gallon can). Learn more >>

Free Rain Barrel through Rain Check

The Philadelphia Water Department provides residents with free rain barrels and helps pay for landscape improvements for your home. Learn more >>