Photo: Ridge Avenue Street Trees

Ridge Avenue is home to a collection of approximately 140 street trees.

About Roots on Ridge Investments

The Roots On Ridge program envisions a reopening of Ridge Avenue with seasonal flower displays, extensive tree cover and placemaking initiatives. Ridge Avenue is sparkling as a result of increased regular sweeping, a deep cleaning, sidewalk pressure washing as well as graffiti removal. Through consistent and visible policing and private security services we assure that our corridor is safe and secure.

The Roxborough Development Corporation (RDC) takes responsibility for enhancing streetscape and placemaking assets. The organization is responsible for landscaping and managing two public parking lots, a pocket park, five miles of sidewalks and over 200 street trees and plantings. Through continued investments in the public realm we see increased property values, increased curb appeal and contribute to the economic stability of the neighborhood. At the same time our nature-based systems require substantial investment to establish and maintain.

How Can I Support These Efforts

Contributions to the Roots On Ridge Investments  result in direct and meaningful impact leveraging over $100,000 invested annually by the RDC to maintain and enhance Ridge Avenue. Building off of our previous accomplishments will position the district to achieve a successful return on investment.

Donor options include landcsaping, street trees, lighting, cleaning and grafitti removal to keep Ridge Avenue clean, green and welcoming. Donations to Roots on Ridge will allow the Roxborough Development Corporation to advance our natural assets for years to come.


Make a donation today via the hyperlink below.



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