Living Here

Some places just feel like home.

Why Roxborough?

Community in Roxborough is older than our nation. It runs deeper than the Schuylkill. It’s more diverse than the trees in Fairmount Park.

Where we live defines us. That’s why Roxborough is a place that both new families and long-established residents call home. Families choose Roxborough for the quality schools, established religious institutions, active civic organizations, and creative, locally-owned businesses. They stay because Roxborough is a place with roots. It’s a place worth settling into, a place that gets better with age.

We aren’t just a section of Philadelphia, we’re a neighborhood. And whether you’re just here for dinner, or you’re here for good, take a moment. Look around. Breathe deeper. And before long, Roxborough will grow on you.

Photo: Local resident at the annual Roxtoberfest street festival

A festival goer at the annual Roxtoberfest street festival celebrates with a beer from New Ridge Brewing Company.

“It’s a nice home-town, US feel.”

Christopher McGill

Bryn Mawr Trust

“Living in Roxborough offers residents the best of both worlds - an urban suburban feel with great restaurants and shopping.”

Shenika McCloud

The Galman Group

“Small town in a big city”

John Boyce

Lifetime Roxborough resident

“There’s a lot of commitment in this community to make it feel strong.”

Kay Sykora

Roxborough resident

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The Ridge Apartments

7949 Ridge Avenue
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