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At Roxtoberfest the performers from the Secret Circus flew high above the crowds at Leverington Avenue. Photo Credit | Studio Luminoso by Christy McMahon

Wishing you a Happy New Year from the Roxborough Development Corporation!

We are ringing in the new year by celebrating a great 2023 in Roxborough. This year our events were bigger than ever before and it is all thanks to everyone involved from volunteers to vendors and sponsors, as well as you for coming out to make memories with us. This year we had over 140, 000 attendees at our street festivals, winter events, and pocket park happenings.

The RDC strives to beautify Ridge Avenue and keep the business district sparkling. This year we collected 60 tons of trash and removed 101 places of graffiti with help from our street team leader, Greg Thurman. We also kept the district landscaped with 140 tree pits mulched, 84 planter boxes were planted and maintained with new arrangements twice a year, and we nurtured all of the plantings and shrubbery in the parking lots and Pocket Park. Operations Manager, Linda Dottor helped facilitate a grant for Storefront Improvement at Fountain Auto, aiming to keep businesses looking fresh. We also helped pave the way to a smoother walk to Gorgas Park at Hermitage and Ridge Avenue. The RDC welcomed our new Executive Director, Jax Cusack this summer as well!

We are looking forward to bringing you even more exciting things in 2024!

Enjoy the photos highlighting scenes from 2023 in chronological order. 


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Annual Meeting at Throwbaxx Bar and Grille in January 2023.


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Our first annual Arctic Wonderland at the Pocket Park was a success with live ice carving from Philly Ice Sculptures. Photo Credit | Studio Luminoso by Christy McMahon


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R. Clark Concrete helped lay the cement pathway to create a smoother way of travel to Gorgas Park.


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RDC Staff and volunteers worked hard collecting 20 bags of weeds and trash from around the Papa John's plaza which was part of the Philly Spring Cleanup.


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Roxborough Spring Fest returned to Ridge Avenue drawing crowds of art and music lovers.


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The Pocket Park showed it's rainbow colors with celebrations of Pride month at New Ridge Brewing Co.


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Fountain Street Auto got a makeover with help from a Storefront Improvement Grant with new energy-efficient garage doors as well as stucco repairs and repainting.


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Kid's Night at the Pocket Park was full of delighted children ready to see Magic By Ed.


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84 planters along Ridge Avenue were filled with beautiful arrangements for the perfect pop of color along the street.


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A record breaking amount of participants, entertainers, and attendees filled Ridge Avenue with our 11th annual Roxtoberfest event.


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Jack Wheeler is honored on behalf of his 25 years of service to the RDC and the community.


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Santa's made a stop at Happy Holidays from Rox to greet families. This year was an expanded 3-day event with a pop-up market. Photo Credit | James Sarlo

SEE YOU IN 2024!