Photo: Christmas Tree Topper

Finding the right tree topper puts the crowning touch on your Christmas tree

We are getting into the holiday spirit with a local guide on Christmas tree shopping in Roxborough.

The first of December officially marks a countdown to the Christmas holiday and the search for the perfect Christmas tree. This year we put together a guide for local tree shopping in our small town with tips for installation.  

Christmas Tree Installation Tips

  • Identifying the location in your home where your Christmas tree is the first step toward uncomplicated installation.
  • Start with measuring both the diameter and height of the space where you envision your tree.
  • Make sure your measurement takes into account a stand as well as any curtain or cover that may be placed near the base of the tree.
  • A good rule of thumb for standard 9’ foot ceilings is to purchase a 7.5’ tree, leaving you room to position and add your stand and decoration on top.

What A Perfect Tree Looks Like

Due to their soft needles and resilience to indoor temperatures the most common tree types available in the area include Douglas and Fraser Fir. While they both offer a vibrant bluish green color they differ in the way their needles are held.  When selecting your tree you want to look for one that is full and uniform, which brings to mind the time-honored tradition of hiding the barren spot in the back. Be sure to also check the tree’s branches as they should be springy and bend without too much force. It is ok if some of the needles fall off when the tree is touched or twirled. If the overall color is faded, it could be a sign the tree is excessively dry and you may want to pick another.

Where To Buy A Tree

We have identified four stops along Ridge Avenue with fresh cut Christmas trees in stock. Below are details on their offerings.

Gorgas Park Christmas Tree Stand

6300 Ridge Avenue

Size Range: Between 3’ and 14’

Types of Trees: Douglas Fir and Fraser Fir

Stands Available: Yes

Decorations: N/A

Note: Offers $5.00 delivery option for residents in Roxborough, Andorra, Wissahickon, portions of East Falls.

Konopka’s Tree Stand

Ridge Avenue and Conarroe Street

Size Range: Between 5’ to 10’ 

Types of Trees: Douglas Fir and Fraser Fir

Stands Available: N/A

Decorations: N/A

Note: Free delivery in the area as well as a selection of trees in rear lot off of Ridge Avenue.

R & R Produce

7100 Ridge Avenue


Size Range: Between 4’ and 10’

Types of Trees: Pennsylvania Douglass, Oregon Douglass, Douglas Fraser Fir and Blue Spruce.

Stands Available: Yes with assorted collection

Decorations: Assorted collection of decorations

Note:  Waiting for confirmation on Grand Firs and Noble Trees.


Stanley’s Hardware

5555 Ridge Avenue


Size Range: Between 3’ and 8’

Types of Trees: Fraser Fir, Douglass Fir, and Noble

Stands: Yes with assorted collection

Decorations: Assorted collection of decorations

Note: Artificial tree options also available.

Maintaining and Caring For Your Tree

  • Purchasing a live tree requires proper care to maintain its quality.
  • Make sure you obtain a stand that is able to provide a quart of water for every inch of the stem's diameter.
  • Once the tree is cut get it into the tree stand with water as soon as possible and check it daily to ensure it is submerged even if there is water visible in your stand's reservoir.
  • When decorating your tree it is always a good idea to use lights that produce low heat. Checking lights before installation will also save you time if an old set of lights are worn or no longer working.

Disposing Of Your Tree

Following the holidays, the City of Philadelphia has a Christmas Tree Recycling Program. Roxborough residents can drop their trees off at any Sanitation Convenience Center. Roxborough’s Sanitation Convenience Center is located on Domino Lane and Umbria Street and is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Visit the City of Philadelphia Streets Department website for more information on holiday recycling programs.  


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