Photo: concrete in progress 2

Replacing sections of uneven, broken sidewalk on the 6200 block of Ridge Avenue.

The RDC recently replaced uneven, broken sidewalks and provided long-awaited tree maintenance on the 6200 block of Ridge Avenue between Hermitage and Ripka Streets.

The west side of Ridge Avenue between Hermitage and Ripka contains some of the Ridge Avenue commercial corridor’s handsomest historic buildings. Until recently, the block also suffered from some of the corridor’s bumpiest sidewalks and several dying or oversized street trees. These conditions made for a hazardous walk for the many seniors, people pushing strollers, dog walkers, and students that use the block every day. 

Thanks to funding from a Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development grant, the RDC was able to tackle the problem. We contracted with R. Clark Concrete Co. to replace 55 feet of curb and 23 sections of sidewalk. We also contracted with Shechtman Tree Care to remove three failing street trees.

Photo: liit57pa

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation approved the removal of three dying or oversized trees on the block.

Along with smooth sidewalks, a healthy tree canopy is an important part of the corridor's and community's walkability. The RDC was able to preserve two mature trees on the block for much-needed shade and greenery. We will also add several new trees at nearby locations to replace the trees that were removed. 

“This project reflects the RDC’s overall goal to make Ridge Avenue safer and more walkable,” said Jo Ann Desper, President of the RDC. “We were so pleased to be able to make improvements to this block. It is such an important connection between businesses in Central Ridge and Gorgas Park.”

Further streetscape improvements are planned. The RDC, in partnership with Friends of Gorgas Park, will be replacing broken sidewalks and expanding an existing parking lane along the entire length of Gorgas Park at Ridge Avenue this year.