Photo: Darvanayoga

Darvanayoga, 493 Domino Lane, Philadelphia PA 19128

Darvanayoga provides Roxborough with a space to breathe easy and find joy through yoga and meditation. 

As I entered Darvanayoga, co-owners Darlene Vanasco and Blakey Hastings greeted me with warm smiles and a cubby for my rain boots. The subtle smell of lavender and eucalyptus helped me relax as I nestled into my seat of yoga cushions that Blakey prepared for me.  The environment at Darvanayoga encourages relaxation and peace of mind which helps support a meaningful yoga and meditation practice.

The duo met while co-teaching yoga at a recreation center in Chestnut Hill and have been inseparable ever since. Darlene, a former public-school teacher from Brooklyn has been practicing yoga for 16 years.  Although she is no longer in a classroom, Darlene teaches the practice of mindfulness and yoga to children throughout the Philadelphia area. Blakey, a certified Yoga Therapist has been practicing for ten years and integrates the spiritual practices of the 12-step recovery program into her practice and way of life. The idea to open a yoga and meditation studio had been “germinating” for a while when the perfect location seemed to appear at “the right place and right time”.  

"The perfect location seemed to appear at the right place and right time”.

Although Darlene and Blakey have many things in common their practice and teaching styles differ.  Similarly, many different levels and styles of yoga are taught at Daravanyoga to support the diverse community they serve. Tony Boris, Darlene’s husband, runs The Shantideva Center for Mindfulness and Peace which is the nonprofit sister organization to Darvanayoga. The Shantideva center operates the meditation classes and related offerings that happen at the studio.  

Photo: Darvanayoga

Darvanayoga, 493 Domino Lane, Roxborough PA 19128

There is common misconception that you have to be strong or physically fit to practice yoga but at Darvanayoga, “yoga is for everyone”. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a newbie you will feel welcomed and experience joy, kindness and openness at Darvanayoga. Classes are offered seven days a week at various times.  To learn more about the offerings and products at Darvanayoga or to view their class schedule please visit their website at   

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